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Preserve Your Digital Files For Posterity

Last Word is a free* cloud storage service that lets you securely upload your will, photos, documents, and anything else your friends and family may need after you're gone. Your files, along with any personal messages you'd like to leave, will be delivered to the people of your choosing after your death.

*up to 2GB free storage

We believe everyone deserves a Last Word
That's why each account includes the following features, free of charge:

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Contacts and Messages

  • Add all the important people in your life, from friends and family to work colleagues 

  • Share private messages or videos with each of your contacts; they won't see anything until after your death

  • Individual files and photos can be shared with each contact

  • Choose one or more contacts to be your executor(s); they will inform us of your death and administer your account when you're gone


Your Personal Library

  • Files and photos on encrypted devices may be lost forever after you're gone - upload what's most important to Last Word so it can be preserved for posterity

  • Choose which contacts have access to each file, or share files publicly

  • Securely store account numbers/usernames, so your loved ones will have access to everything they need when you're gone

  • Upload a digital copy of your will, and include instructions on where to find the original


Your "Forever" Profile

  • Curate your digital legacy and choose how you are remembered on your Forever profile page; only you can see it for now - it won't be published until after your death

  • Choose to share with the public, or just your contacts if you prefer

  • Includes an optional message board so your loved ones can share their own stories and memories of you

  • Last Word is committed to keeping each profile published for perpetuity, so even your great-great-great-grandchildren can get to know who you were


Upcoming and Paid Features

 We're excited to bring you the following features in the near future:

  • Contact and Library synchronization with third party services

  • Advanced video recording and editing features

  • Easy and intuitive online will creation and estate planning (paid service)

  • Live legal consultation and will legalization/notarization (paid service)

  • Storage and delivery of physical wills and other documents (paid service)

  • Unlimited file storage for perpetuity (paid service)

  • And many more...

Last Word's core features will always be a free service to everyone.

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Join today, and be there when your loved ones need you the most.

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